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Craftsmanship. Quality. Service.

Many homeowners in the Conejo Valley and San Fernando Valley recognize JOR Development as a top construction and renovation company. One main reason is that we are one of the few residential contracting companies with an “all in-house” team of professionals. Another is due to the value our clients receive in cost, quality of materials and turnaround time. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Our most valuable assets are our clients — you, the homeowner. With this in mind, we know that construction projects within your home can be stressful for many reasons. JOR Development works to minimize this disruption. Customers trust us with construction and renovation of the following:

  1. Kitchens
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Room additions
  4. Second story additions
  5. Window replacement
  6. Decks
  7. Outdoor hardscape design and development
  8. All aspects of finished carpentry
  9. Painting
  10. Repairs and maintenance

JOR Development prides itself on service to our customers, ensuring that their projects are run in a professional and timely manner. Input from our clients on their project is important early in the process, prior to breaking ground. We like to discuss and review the type of products being used in client’s homes, such as plumbing fixtures, appliances, windows, cabinets, and many other finish materials. This knowledge allows us the opportunity to understand what the client prefers and allows us to give the client recommendations on product materials and costs. Understanding and managing our client’s expectations makes the job run smoothly.

We supervise our construction projects on a daily basis and provide progress reports and updates to our clients regarding their projects on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. JOR believes in full transparency and advising clients on what is occurring during the construction process, and what to expect via meetings or telephone conversations.

We also make sure that the jobsite is clean, safe and use reputable licensed, insured, and bonded subcontractors. We are proud to report that the majority of our subcontractors have worked with JOR for 20 years, or more.